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Eurydice towards the Light
A story told in poetry, film and performance

From poetry to performance, music to visual storytelling, Eurydice towards the Light is an ode to the mythology of Eurydice, revisited through portraits of modern day women, their voices and stories.

The greek myth portrays a silenced Eurydice confined in Hades’ Kingdom, waiting on Orpheus to come bring her out of darkness. But Orpheus turns around too soon, and she disappears forever, loving forever, waiting forever. 


But what happens if the modern Eurydices find their own way towards the lights, and carve a path where silence is refused?


They speak, dance, sing, and turn their love into creation. Addressing the power of the arts and the unbeatable strength of women in the face of heartbreak, they forge their paths towards the light, defying silence and the ancient darkness.

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See you soon...

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