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“Just as the perceived world endures only through the reflections, shadows, levels, and horizons between things ... so the works and thought of a philosopher are also made of certain articulations between things said.”


It is this “articulation”, this space in-between the lines that defines the ribs necessary to maintain any spine, whether linguistic, or visual. Different levels and perspectives are offered in these articulations, different ways of communicating with the viewer, but never the less the understanding of these lines are all based on a common approach to time and space. My interest here lays in the reshaping of these lines and their in-betweens: how can you play with the lines? Either through the absence of perspective or through the over-production of vertical, discontinuous lines, thus by all means playing with the I's horizon.

A third space is created, a space of unconscious triggers, a space between juxtaposed materials, lines, assimilations and interactions, bouncing between representation and perception, a space appropriated by the viewer.

It is in this space where the body takes place that the subject can be born, and the story revealed.

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