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  Novels is a gathering of short stories that developed from wider search into the creation of a character and the perception of time lines in writing.

  It gathers my wanderings and trials for grasping a type of writing that would attain a sensorial I able to drive the reader through his own divergent personas, and through a constant reshaping of temporalities to expand his space for memory and unconscious imageries.

  A type of writing that would trigger both the senses and the mind, combining language with corporal bouncing, perspectives with self awareness, tenses with recognitions of vanities. 

  A type of writing that is still fragmented and ongoing, a component to a wider quest, an idealistic demand for a culminating linguistic grasp, for an image of all forms, for an I without precepts.*

See pamphlet -A quest for making visible- for a deepening of the subject.
Little Black Book
Little Black Book
  Little Black Book is an old short writing exercice based on the sexual discoveries of a woman from her first experience to her mid 30's. 
  The book is presented to the reader as the woman's quick 'morning after' notes, in the form of a identification page containing brief descriptions, spacial and temporal elements to translate the encounter with her partners, just as a list not to forget, but never to deepen. 
The printed version was a transparent A5 booklet, allowing the symmetrical lists to cover one another. It contained designs of the protagonists' thermal reaction while writing about her sexual experience, in the shape of human anagrams overlapping each other.

  -text available on demand - 
Photograph from publication Little Black Book

Mai 2015
Lost in the Track of Time

  This novel is an experiment of photographic text, playing on the ambiguity between the real behind narrating and capturing. 

  The protagonist's journey has no explanation nor aim but by what she thinks she is encountering during her walk, and the imaginary that spreads from her feverish wounded foot. 

  The reader is then facing the same described landscapes through the photographs, and has to deal himself with where to place the real within the frame of the book, and of his own beliefs. 

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- Compilation of novels in progress - 
-Duos of short stories put side to side swifting the eye of the narrator from one story to the next, characters being linked through the encounters in the previous narration. Two divergent points of vue each time, converging only for a brief encounter one time: the moment of the physical encounter in the first text engaging the birth of the second character's thought... Et ainsi de suite.-
 Copyright © Pauline P. Raybaud
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