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Under a better Moon

Performer: Plucky Lucky
- Analogue Performative Series -

Under a better Moon is the result of pure manifestation of two creative souls, from Abua Odual (River State, Nigeria) and Paris (France).
This project tells the story of two artists discovering each other's work, and instantly bonding, back in 2020. Not knowing when we could meet to manifest this bond and create from it, we kept exchanging through lockdown, somehow believing one day we would find eachother under a better Moon.
In 2023, Lucky was part of the Pina Bausch worldwide tour with Tanztheatre Wuppertal, and finally had one day off in Paris.
We seized the occasion, and the magic happened.

From the live performance to the hand developped photographs, I created the series under the red lights of the darkroom space, where the manual editing is born from mixing the chemicals with ink, and play with reflective crystals, fabrics and feathers to create the effects of light and shades incorporing the magic of this project's vision.
​March 2023 -

Under a better Moon 1.jpg
Under a better Moon2b.jpg
Under a better Moon3b.jpg
Under a better Moon4.jpg
Under a better Moon5.jpg
Under a better Moon6.jpg
 Copyright © Pauline P. Raybaud
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