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-Performance series in collaboration with artist Marie Rochand.
Directed and Produced by Pauline Raybaud. 

This performance is born along a dialogue with Marie, reaching into the body to extract the unphrased, we were looking for a way to embody individual growth while having to find one's balance while colliding with another being, and our surrounding. The way the mind escapes through a body going forward, while the attachment to the roots and the primary movement are rooted in an unmoveable column. Creating a two way bond while walking one's way through gravity. -

Artistic direction: Pauline Raybaud
Performer: Pauline Raybaud and Marie Rochand
Poetry and narration: Pauline Raybaud and Marie Rochand
Costume Designer: Margaux Lalanne
Photographer: Emma Corbineau
Photography editor: Silvia Rocchino

Roussillon, Mai 2021.
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