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Editorial for A-part magazine

July 2021

In-Between is a story about love and decision making, about the processing of relationships and accepting our hesitations. In this project we were three friends wondering if to love or forget, to be strong or to accept, to recover or to persist. In the endless flowing questions, often lived in very similar ways, we would seek for shelter in each others arms, creating a space where in-between lovers could find balance in concrete friendship.


To translate those feelings into art, I captured both the performing body and our words into hybrid analogue photographs, searching for carnal and visual catchphrases, merging these three ways of expression as one: the body, the words, and the visual translation of emotions. An artistic liberation searching for lighter marks on our wounded skins. 

To express this circle of communication, I looked for a chemical way to properly ink the words into the photographic print, making no distinction on the final object between the poems, the image and the performance. The process became alive in the red lights of the darkroom, where I created transparent photographs from the hand written words, that could then be overlapped onto the black and white photographs, making each print run three times through the enlarger, so that the final incorporates them as one. A condensed process of various ways of expressing harsh feelings.

Photographic collaboration with Silvia Rocchino

Analogue photography and development Pauline Raybaud

Digital Photography and Project creator Silvia Rocchino

Poetic performance Pauline Raybaud with Charlie Perillat

Poems by Silvia Rocchino, Pauline Raybaud and Charlie Perillat

 Copyright © Pauline P. Raybaud
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