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Lilies of London
First performance and last environment,
Lilies of London opens and closes the series of Lilies.


Lilies of London gathers several women from different backgrounds and professions into a guided performance: having as the only rule a set in the space, and a point to go to, while being aware of the trajectories and movements of the other performers.

Same rules applies to the camera-woman, Rebecca Razkhani-Hilton, also following a given trajectory while responding to the rhythms and exchanges born between the dancers. While this chemistry was creating its own paste, the day finished on one of the performers, Anastasia Solay, composing a song on set to which the performers responded to, still embracing the space while incorporating the voice to create new interactions.

The performance happened once without rehearsal and was filmed in one long shot. 


To that film later only was added the window filming done separately, rhythmed, color coded and edited in respond to the performance's atmosphere. And at last sublimated by Rebecca's poetry. 

Lilies of London
Becci Hilton - Cinematographer and Spoken words Artist
Pauline P. Raybaud - Filmmaker, Director, Editor, Performer
Anastasia Solay - Singer and Performer
Kelsey Dikes - Costume designer and Performer
Louise Leidelinger, Rachael Harrison, India J. Barrett - Performers
March 2019
 Copyright © Pauline P. Raybaud
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