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A bout de

  A bout de is a short film about the link with one's past and heritage, and how objects and materials carry memory. Shot on 16mm, the materiality and the structure of the film comes to echo the film's narrative with its medium. The film uses personified material as signs to create the narrative, as symbolic connections between present and memory, while the film's paste becomes a temporal and rhythmic guide line.

  The whole atmosphere of the film is being accentuated by the original sound of the 16mm filming, and later with the manual editing, which demands a materialistic and metric approach to the film's medium, allowing the process of making to become a palpable part of the film-object. The frames thus become numerical components of this research for marks of temporality, working side by side with the slow pace filming and the rhythm of an old narrative.

Performance, filming and manual editing by P. Raybaud

Spoken words by Romane Raybaud

December 2016

 Copyright © Pauline P. Raybaud
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