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Madame aurais aimé

Madame is an early work that follows my first investigations of this linguistic line between visuals, bodies, and words themselves.

This project had to do with the languorousness of repetition and the satisfaction procured by the 'coming to an end' of a situation, a gesture, a sentence, that would in itself not be complete without the knowing of a term, the longing of the waiting, and one's awareness of the will for an end.

Excerpt from Madame. Performance and editing by P. Raybaud. Music: Charles Aznavour

November 2016.

J'aurais aimé avoir is an early work, born at the start of my questioning of the correlation between physical and scriptural language. 

The performance is based on an eponym poem, that was shaped on the sensorial perception of five given emotions, but interpreted only by parts of the body, the five parts that were said to physiognomically be the most revealing of inner feelings and thus the most open to interpretation.

The montage is a simple horizontal overlapping of the shots, as it is just meant to follow the linear thread of the poem.

Still - J'aurais aimé avoir

Excerpt from J'aurais Aimé Avoir

Performance, sound and editing by P. Raybaud

February 2015

 Copyright © Pauline P. Raybaud
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