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In 2 Acts




Zebra Poetry Film Festival Berlin 2019

In 2 Acts is a series of short poetry performances in dialogue with artist Rebecca Rezkhani-Hilton. The collaborative series explores togetherness, through a non-verbal dialogue between the body of each performer and the poetics of space. Each film is accompanied by a script, one artist would begin the text, whilst the other answered. This work was completed under the isolation conditions, between Bristol and Paris.

Residency Geldmunt 13, November 2019.


Act I takes place besides the Zwijn of the Northern Sea, where the performers are guided by the rythme of the tide and intermittent sunlight. 

Act I - Holding


Performance and Poetry by Pauline Raybaud and

Rebecca Rzkhani-Hilton

Film Editing by P. Raybaud


Belgium Residency, November 2019.

Act II takes place in the Attic, where shadows and low ceiling are dictating the performer's phrasing. 


Music by Quentin Charpin - Yesbill

img0029b copie.jpg

Extract - Act II - Letting

Performance and Poetry by and Pauline Raybaud and Rebecca Rzkhani-Hilton

Belgium Residency, November 2019.

 Copyright © Pauline P. Raybaud
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