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Tate Live
Tate live performances

  This last section is a documentation of two live performances part of the Tate Modern exchange with Central Saint Martins.

  The first performance -at the bottom of this page- was the result of a week residency where our studio was delocalized in the Tate Modern for a different approach to the space and the relation with the public. This experience resulted in the creation of masks and costumes that were part of Philomène Amougou's curent practice - see          for a link to her website- and in an ongoing interactive performance around the museum, as part of the decor, without prior notice of an actual happening.


  The second performance had to do with the approach of the artefacts, the ways of thinking and behaving of an artist in the future, and the relation to the artist's use of technologies and space.  

In collaboration with Arthur Bloye and P. Amougou, we created a stage for technologized experiments using new art forms as a way to go back deeper within the self, ironically using technologies to get the 'I' away from the mechanical world. The artist himself becomes a machine and the people a new pallet of shapes and gadgets in the search for humanity. As performers, we interacted with the Machine and her Power Source, being Philomène, assimilating ourselves to psycho-scientist, integrating participants as components, merging them within our studio, making them part of the experiment, lost between the apparent trustfulness of technologies and the human interpretations.

Still Documentation Photography from Live Show. 

Performance and scenario by Philomène Amougou, Arthur Bloye and Pauline Raybaud. 

October 2017. 

Documentation photography from live performance at Tate Modern by P. Amougou and P. Raybaud.

January 2017. 

 Copyright © Pauline P. Raybaud
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